Die Blechtrommel

Conceptual piece involving what is essentially illustration… this page is copied verbatim from my Serious Artist page here.

During July and August 2009 I decided to visit every library in Leipzig and it’s suburbs, borrow the same book from each one, screenprint illustrations in every book, and then leave them back.

I picked Günther Grass’ Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum), because, well, I like it. I got to illustrate a book I really like, and nobody could stop me. I knew my time in Leipzig was limited (I left at the end of August), so there was also no way the library system could catch me and fine me for defacing their books… I was giving them art whether they wanted it or not.

Also, every library on the system seemed to have at least one copy of Die Blechtrommel, so I managed ten in various bindings and pressings.

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