The Trigger Tumblr

I have a tumblr now, for the sillier things that maybe don’t require their own blog post here on Big Fat Official WordPress, but nonetheless should not be consigned to obscurity in my coffers.

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Pussy Riot


tumblr_m8qw1l3SDy1qaoya7o1_r1_1280 tumblr_m8wcrdl7hE1qaoya7o1_r1_500


Nah seriously though, they’re very cool. I was/am a bit worried about using matryoshka dolls in the illustration – Russian Person In Media? Draw them as Russian Dolls! is such a boring cliché at this stage. But I tell myself that if it serves narrative/symbolic purpose, it’s okaaaay…

Their trial is full of facepalm and headdesk 😦

DREAM MOVIE MASHUP #1: Nice Leprechauns Don’t Wear ChaCha Heelz

Divine and Warwick Davis, together at last.

In Coppers.

Rabble #4

The latest issue of Rabble dropped earlier this week, and MY ILLUSTRATION IS ON THE FRONT COVER 😀

Actually I’ve got three illustrations in it, one about club photography, one about Euro 2012 and the cover image ripping Youth Defence to shreds over their godawful billboard campaign. I will not link directly to their site because they’re abysmal creatures, but a brief summary of the debacle can be found here.

As for the illustrations, here they are

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I’d like to express my gratitude to the Rabble crew for publishing my picture and allowing me to publicly declare my opposition to the Youth Defence campaign.

Here’s the piece George Stapleton wrote called Youth Defence Are Pricks.

Conrad Veidt Love Affair

Recently, I was asked by my friend Helena to draw an image for a poster for a staged reading of Dr. Seward’s Dracula. Her performance company is doing this in about 2 weeks, on the 29th of July in the Centre for Creative Practices.

So I went on an Expressionismus binge and drew Conrad Veidt looking a bit harassed and perturbed.


Which Helena made into this poster/flyer:

Looking through various other notebooks I rediscovered a selection of other Conrads.

Here’s one of the better ones.

Exhibition in Supafast/Old House

Last minute announcement, but on Friday 13th (!) of July – ie, tomorrow –  some of my illustrations will be on show in the Supafast Building as part of the 10 Days In Dublin performance Old House.

There will be about three of them, all fairly small – the entire piece is a site-specific performance taking up the three floors of the building from midnight onwards.

(image not by me it’s by Isadora Epstein, the director of the entire thing)

Illustration for LookLeft

Did an illustration for Look Left Magazine, actually this has been out for almost a month but I’ve been up to my little eyes with so many other things.

It’s for an article about prostitution by Wendy Lyon and Denise Charlton debating the pros and cons of legalising prostitution and/or criminalising buyers.