Museum Trip – the comic

That time me and Siobhán went to the National Archaeology Museum on Kildare St and played a game. I may be tempted to actually reveal the ending to this at a later date*

*we get drunk and stare at bog bodies, the end.


This is what an Irish person looks like

I drew this. He’s the most Irish-looking person ever. I’ve no idea who he is but we are probably all definitely related to him.

Red Hot Celtic Summer

In honour of The Summer and the scandalous amount of pasty pelts on display throughout Dublin.


There is a bono on bono’s bono

Did some illustrations for the Spring 2012 issue of Rabble, which just hit the free magazine racks last week.

Both are of Irish musicians, but the tone is pretty different.

There’s Phil Chevron of The Pogues and Radiators From Space, who is pretty cool and very well dressed

… and then there’s, well, Bono. And the Bono on Bono’s bono.

Guess which one was for an article called “Celebritwats“.

UT Cover illustration

WAOWWWWWW the cover I finished literally two days ago for the Trinity University Times Year Review is featured on ComeHereToMe!

Very chuffed, I love CHTM.

And, very conveniently, they have made up a list of links to the stories featured (which I am now copying):

1) Alchemy Nightclub and the row around sexist advertising they found themselves caught up in. Many of the promoters involved were Trinity students.

2) The controversial ‘Trinity Frat Club’ which emerged, aping American student ‘culture’.

3) The Trinity student arrested for his role in the ‘Lulzsec’ hacking probe.

4) Nick Griffin and his planned visit to Trinity College Dublin.


Thanks lads 🙂

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